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Poor Knights
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July 2016 - Mexico

Just got back from a quick 2 week trip to Mexico (my first trip) to swim with whalesharks off Isla Mujeres and dive the freshwater cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula.

Not sure why it took me so long to get to this part of the world but am glad I finally made it. It's an area that has long held its fascination and it did not disappoint.

Just visiting some of the Mayan ruins and learning about their culture from some of their descendants was in itself a worthwhile exploit. However the main reason was beneath the surface.

Isla Mujeres - Whalesharks

Arrived late afternoon early July after AKL-IAH-CUN a 17 hour journey but not too bad with a stop in Houston instead of LA.

4 days on a private boat with Gregory Sweeney and guests was just the ticket and we had no shortage of encounters with these gentle giants.

Thanks Gregory - great trip - some images here whalesharks

Playa del Carmen - Cenotes

After the whalesharks it was down to Playa del Carmen to dive the freshwater cenotes that riddle this peninsula.

What a pleasure to dive in fresh water - no rinsing of cameras, diving gear and after the constant 30+ degrees of high humidity a relief to enter the relative 24 deg coolness of the cenotes.

I only had time to dive 5 cenotes - Tajma-Ha, Chac-Mool, ChiKin-Ha, Dos Ojos and Angelita but they are all different experiences. A must for all keen scuba divers visiting the area. The crystal clear vis and the amazing limestone formations make it unforgettable.

Check out some images here - cenotes

Stay loose...




Napolean wrasse - photography by bluzoneDown in the mangroves - photography by bluzoneShallow lagoon - photography by bluzone
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